A message going to a one-way send port is being suspended.

“A message going to a one-way send port is being suspended. Reason:The send  port configuration corresponding to the message was not found. This  usually happens when a send port was deleted while it still had some active  messages”

This is a very ackward error that you can’t an answer in any of the microsoft documentations.

We found this error in our production system soon after the interface was redployed. We went crazy to think if the redeployment has deleted the send ports.

When we checked event log entries, we also found some SSO erros associated with this. So atleast this gave us a hint that the configuration information has not updated and the host instances thinks that the send ports is not available anymore.

To tackle this problem, we changed the send handler to run under different host instance and resumed the messages.

Hooray, it went through.

1. The error description that microsoft has given is not clear enough to resolve the problem.

2. Even after the host intances that were used for the interface was bounced back, the messages were not going through. So the SSO needs to be restarted for the host instance to work properly. But in production environment, we can’t do this. So this is a bug.


2 thoughts on “A message going to a one-way send port is being suspended.

  1. Good to see your blog Shankar.

    I have observed this error happening when the account which was running the host instance was having a problem accessing the SSO database. Yeah the error message is weird, but thankfully there will be loads of SSO permission related exceptions, which is the actual problem.

    did you check that the account which you were running was fine?

    • I had this problem when I was working in my previous company(IBM). The account was running fine, and the strange thing this we had created a host to run only certain interfaces. This interface was one of them. When we redeployed the interface , it usually configures in a different host instance and first run always fails. So somehow the SSODB maintains some cache and it allows the messages to flow only through the earlier deployed host instance. If we allow it to run under different host instance, then we will get this error. Not sure if this problem would have gone if we would have restarted the Entsso service. As that was a production box, we couldnt do that.


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