“MessageContextPropertyBase” Magnified


For each and every situation, we can deliver a precise BizTalk  solution. Its up to the developer who develops the code. There are some tricks,
wherein you get the solution with a less amount of code but is rather vague to a  newbie. We were newbies once upon a time and it’s time, we have to help them  understand the mystical features to them in a easy manner. One of the complex  stuff that i found was the MessageContextPropertyBase value in the property  schema. So get ready to dive deep into  that.


There is a property  called Property Schema Base in the property schema. There are actually 3  values
1. MessageDataPropertyBase
2. MessageContextPropertyBase
3. PartContextPropertyBase

We will concentrate on MessageContextPropertyBase  in this article. It will be easy if we explain this with an example.  isn’t?

A legacy application receives purchase orders from SAP and this  message should be transformed through BizTalk. The problem here is based on some  property different business process needs to be activated. Wait, there is one  more catch. The idoc that is recieved from SAP is defined as a dependant schema  which is already utilized by other interfaces. So we should design a solution so  that the dependant schema project is not altered.

In this scenario, we can create an interface that has an orchestration that can route messages to  other business process ( orchestrations ). We need to create a property schema  and assign the namespace of the dependant schema. Most importantly , we need to  set the value MessageContextPropertyBase to the Property Schema Base. This will  actually promote the desired property in the incoming message. In this way we  can easily route the incoming message to other business process.


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