You get “No MediaTypeFormatter is available to read an object of type ‘Delta`1’ from content with media type ‘text/plain'” when sending ODATA request to D365 Rest endpoint


Set the Content-type header as application/json


Write failed for table row of type ‘xxxx’. Infolog: Error: The number of dimension values specified in xxxx is different from the number set up in the active format for data entities.\r\nThings to try:\r\n • Make sure the number of dimension values specified matches the active format for data entities.\r\n • Make sure that any dimension values specified that include the chart of accounts delimiter character in the name escape the delimiter character with a backslash character ‘\\’.; Error: Error found when validating record..

I am using Logic Apps to insert a record in D365 for Operations using ODATA. The error is very much self explanatory. However, a little functional knowledge on the Dynamics side is required to undersand and make corresponding changes. There is a form on Dynamics called “Financial dimension configuration for integrating applications”

Below is the screenshot. As you can see, the format includes all the dimensions. So when you send the data via ODATA, you will have to send it as 69025— (if you are only selecting the main account). Please note that even if you are not selecting the other dimensions, the value that you feed has to match the format that you setup in this page.


Below is my sample JSON message

“AccountDisplayValue”: “69025-“,
“AccountType”: “Ledger”,
“CreditAmount”: 2010,
“CurrencyCode”: “GBP”,
“JournalBatchNumber”: “000023_4”,
“OffsetAccountDisplayValue”: “XXX Ltd”,
“OffsetAccountType”: “Bank”,
“TransDate”: “2017-12-01”,
“dataAreaId”: “XXXX”

Below is my REST endpoint

After I change the AccountDisplayValue from 69025- to 69025—, the request is successful.