How to: Select an Itinerary Using a Business Rules Policy (Original MS Article NOT WORKING)

I have been trying out the samples in the ESB Tooklit samples section

The thid sample How to: Transform a Message and Route the Resulting Message to a File Location Using an Itinerary Routing Slip was not working and I found a post in MSDN blog that there was an error in the sample.

Below is the MSDN post.>

I had a similar problem in the sample How to: Select an Itinerary Using a Business Rules Policy.
I got a routing issue “The published message could not be routed because no subscribers ….”. As I had understood a bit of ESB here, I quickly resolved the issues. For those who would like to see how to resolve the problem.

(After adding the OnRamp)
1. Add a Itinerary service and name it RouteToRecipient. In the Itinerary Service Extender property, choose Messaging. In the container, choose ReceiveNAOrder and receive handlers.
2. Right click the Resolver and choose Add Resolver. Name it as Static Resolver. Choose the Resolver Implementation as Static. In the Transport Name, choose FILE. In the Transport Location, enter the location C:\HowTos\Out\East%MessageID%.xml.
2. Connect the OnRamp and RouteToRecipient itinerary service.
3. In the RouteMessage Itinerary service, remove the StaticResolver which you created before.
4. Connect the RouteToRecipient and RouteMessage itinerary service.

You can now test and you would see the itineray picked up based on the customerName value int the xmlDocument.